Dine Like a Diplomat

Course Overview

An interactive seminar and fine dining tutorial with a multi-course meal
The length of time for this training session may be adjusted to meet client preferences.

This is our signature offering providing a formal meal and interactive instruction for a very fine, white tablecloth dining experience. Today, the negotiating process doesn’t end when you leave the office. It has only just begun. This training provides the empowerment necessary in the dining room for a world-class competitor. Whether you are hosting or attending a small business lunch or formal dinner, this class will make a lasting impression for your future success. 

Workshop Highlights

  • Professional Savviness in the Dining Room
  • Communication: The Art of Brilliant Conversation & Keen Listening
  • World-Class Entertaining: Host & Guest Duties
  • RSVPs & Invitations…Where Impressions Begin
  • Dining Dos and Table Taboos
  • Tasteful Tipping: When to Tip, Who to Tip, and How Much to Tip
  • Table Manners & Dining Etiquette
  • Silverware Savvy and Napkin Awareness
  • Silent Service Code
  • Seating and Receiving Line Protocol
  • Styles of Dining: American, Continental/European & Asian
  • Toasting in Style
  • Handling and Eating Difficult Foods
  • And much more
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